Like martial arts Yoga is aimed to help center yourself,  body and mind. The exercises physically develop your core stability and suppleness, giving you better posture and range of movement.

Yoga also provides active recovery from intensive training, relief for back pain, joint injuries and muscle strains. The breathing exercises help calm and train the body to breathe more efficiently.


Sundar Ranganathan – Head Yoga Instructor

Sundar, the owner of Yogaworks, has taught at a yoga centre in India and been teaching in New Zealand for over 18 years.

Sundar holds Yoga sessions on Saturdays from 7.45 AM to 8.45 AM in the upstairs dojo at – The Dojo – 12 Stock Street, New Lynn, Auckland

Pooja Sundar – Yoga Instructor

Began yoga training in 1998 under the instruction of he father Sundar Ranganathan, predominantly in Viniyoga.

As with the philosophy followed at The Dojo, her whole family practices Yoga – that exercise is for life and better done together!

Yoga sessions included in the Membership options at Dojo Fitness.

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