Mel Cope reviewed Dojo Fitness – 5 star
4 August 2016
Sian is a great personal trainer – very understanding of individual needs and goals and so so supportive through both the physical and mental side of training.
I miss my sessions with her, and hope I can sus out a way to see her in a few months to sort out this post bubba body! Highly recommend you get on board with Sian, such a motivating fitness machine! πŸ™‚

Jade Cheung reviewed Dojo Fitness – 5 star
27 May 2016 Β·
Sian has got to be the strongest and fittest trainer I know! I love her focus on technique and how she always pushes us to go harder and further, all the way to the end in an incredibly friendly and positive way. She has an all round wealth of knowledge regarding health and fitness (ie she knows her stuff!). A true inspiration ☺

Andrea Laurie reviewed Dojo Fitness – 5 star
10 July 2016 Β·
Sian is an awesome trainer. She varies classes so you don’t get bored and ensures you are working hard while having fun and using the correct technique. I really miss her Configure box fit classes πŸ™

Kathy Melissa Weir reviewed Dojo Fitness – 5 star
23 August 2016 Β·
Sian is a great trainer! Constantly keeping others motivated with her live energy and always pushing you to your limits! Recommend highly!

Kurtis Dane Te Amo reviewed Dojo Fitness – 5 star
29 July 2016 Β·
Great person one of the best to learn from and she cares alot.

Scott Nash reviewed Dojo Fitness – 5 star
6 March at 10:24 Β·
Sian is an excellent trainer, very passionate about what she does and it shows in the sessions! You never know what to expect from each session, which keeps it interesting. She is also super patient with those of us who are a bit less coordinated and keep mixing up our lefts and rights! Highly recommended.

Martin Remish reviewed Dojo Fitness – 5 star
20 October 2017 Β·
The morning after.. Thanks Sian, cant walk anymore πŸ™‚ , i will come back and my wife is keen to join as well.

Tracy Ruby Tufnell reviewed Dojo Fitness – 5 star
8 September 2016 Β·
Sian is honestly one of the best personal trainers I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting. I was very fortunate to have her as my trainer. She was helping me to help me tone and shed some extra kgs for my wedding day.
She is very motivational and takes all aspects into consideration.
I would high recommend her training if you’re working towards a goal or if you just want to keep fit πŸ™‚

Bree May reviewed Dojo Fitness – 5 star
6 September 2016 Β·
Sian was an amazing coach who pushed me each session and helped me improve my fitness safely! She was very friendly and made me feel comfortable as soon as I met her πŸ™‚ I would definitely recommend her to anyone trying to get fit in a safe, Friendly environment.

Kirsten MacDonald reviewed Dojo Fitness – 5 star
25 May 2017 Β·
So thrilled I’m training at Dojo Fitness. Sian is an awesome trainer & really knows her stuff (I can safely say that as I’ve been a trainer for over 13yrs)! The classes & bootcamps are interesting, varied & cater for everyone -loving it! Sian’s fitness is inspiring, definitely practicing her field of expertise. Something to aim for. Thanks!

Glenn Higham reviewed Dojo Fitness – 5 star
5 August 2016 Β·
Love the classes, casual and relaxed atmosphere but really good quality instruction and super challenging. Unlike other classes emphasis on warmup at start and stretching afterwards which is so important. Have had such fast results it’s insane and feeling amazing so excited going forward to see how fit I can get. Waking up at 5.30 has never been so easy. Cheers Glenn

Sevita Laufoli reviewed Dojo Fitness – 5 star
5 September 2016 Β·
Dojo fitness is an incredibly awesome fitness training programme. Its super fun and challenges you to strive for better and to push yourself harder. There is nothing that is left out in this programme whether it be leg day or whatever else!! So if your looking for a fitness programme I highhighly recommend this one. ITLL BE WELL WORTH YOUR TIME.

Darren Blomfield reviewed Dojo Fitness – 5 star
6 August 2016 Β·
Sian is committed to helping others with their fitness goals, she is focused and is making a real difference in my life. Any body who is a busy business owner, has a hectic job – get some balance in your life and go to her early morning bootcamps. You will have an energised and productive day and you nail a good training session before work. See you at bootcamp soon – the results are real and Sian makes it fun!