Fitness Services

Fitness Services

At Dojo Fitness we offer a large range of services from Boot Camps and Personal Training to Rehabilitative Training and Balance.


Our Bootcamp is taken by current and former NZ National Karate Team members. The classes are developed to improve athletic performance of martial artists while also making everyday life easier by developing physical fitness and strength, range of motion and a positive attitude.

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FIT2FITE “Fighting Moves To Funky Grooves” is a non-contact martial art based aerobic experience. It incorporates proven fighting techniques and combinations that are versatile and stimulating. The use of Soul/Funky House music make this a fun and up-beat way to learn real Martial Arts and Boxing!

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Core strength and stability are key elements to any training regime and of great benefit to your general health and well being. Balance is a low intensity class but a very challenging type of training that will still have you sweating! Regular practice of Balance exercises contribute to the relief and prevention of back pain, joint injuries and muscle strains. » Read more

Personal Training

Personal training gives you more direction with individually relevant exercises, broaden knowledge of training and encouragement in focused one-to-one sessions. Personal Training includes goal setting, assessment and consultation, nutritional advice and training programs specific to your needs.

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